Technical issues

The time zone of the receiver does not match the time zone of the Android device. Please check the time zone of the receiver under Menu - Settings - System - Time zone and compare it with the time zone of the Android device. 

Please check the time zone of your device. Some Android TV devices show the correct time but has a wrong timezone set. You can check this by opening the about area in my app. You can also change the timezone in "More settings" within the app if your TV does not offer this feature.

The app shows all bookmarks of Enigma2. You can also add more directories including subdirectories to the app to make them visible. To do so, go to Settings - Recordings and select Manage Recording Directories.. Now select Add Directories and enter a directory that is available on your receiver. If FTP access is set up in your current profile, all subdirectories can also be determined and added automatically.

With the option Keep directories up to date new subdirectories will be added automatically during the data update.

In this case the default recording directory is not set correctly.

Under Enigma2 there is usually the directory /hdd/movie and /media/hdd/movie which are identical. In the app, /hdd/movie is the default directory. If /media/hdd/movie is the default directory, you can change it under Settings - Recordings - Default recording directory.

This is a bug in the plugin OpenWebIf which was fixed in a newer version. Just update the plugin.

The app only shows EPG data that is available on the receiver. To keep the EPG data on the receiver up to date, you can use the Receiver Plugin 'EPGRefresh' which switches through the channels to keep the EPG data up to date.

In a beta version of OpenWebif 1.3.9 there are currently problems with the EPG update because the call in OpenWebIf leads to an error. Please update OpenWebif in this case.

A programme that is being recorded can be played back during this time. However, the playback will stop at the point in time when the playback was started. This is due to the way the Webinterfache/OpenWebif provides the stream and is not due to the App. Currently there is no solution for this. In this case start the playback again.