dream Player TV for Fritzbox for Android TV / Fire TV


You need a FritzBox Cable which is able to output a DVB-C stream. Please note that devices distributed by your internet provider usually do not have a DVB-C entry in the FritzBox interface and therefore cannot be used.

  • FritzBox Cable 6490
  • FritzBox Cable 6590
  • FritzBox Cable 6591 (with Fritz Labor Firmware)
  • FritzBox Cable 6660 (with Fritz Labor Firmware, not yet available)
  • Fritz Repeater DVB-C

You also have to do a channel scan via the Fritzbox interface before setting up the app. This app is built to run on an Android TV device or Amazon Fire TV device. If you are using a phone or tablet, please use the app dream Player for Fritzbox. More details in FAQ.

Import settings

If you exported your configuration before on this device, you can choose 'Import settings'. After import, please continue the wizard.
If you are using the app dream Player for Fritzbox on a phone or tablet, you can use the option 'Use companion app' to import your settings.

Start installation

Click 'Next' to start the setup wizard.


When opening this page all availabe Fritzbox devices in the network are automatically detected and you can select it. Else click on Fritzbox and enter the local IPv4 IP address of the Fritzbox Cable. Important note: Please make sure that the Fritzbox always keeps the same IP address. After changing the Fritzbox IP address, the app must also be set up again.


Click 'Next' to test the the connection and finish the setup process.