Notifications for Android TV / Fire TV Version 5.0

Please note that "Notifications for Android TV" 5.0 in Google Playstore requires Android 11 or higher (Google policy). You can still use the app using an older device. In this case you need to install the app manually:

Client app (Phone or tablet):

  • Option 1: The app for phone/tablet (client) also requires Android 11 or later. If you want to install it on a device with an older Android version, you can use the app "Notifications for Fire TV" from Google Playstore. This app can also be used to connect to Android TV.
  • Option 2: You can download an APK here and install it manually.

Server app (Android TV):

If you want to use it on an older device, you can download it here (Version 5.2.2) and install it manually.

The app needs to be installed using sideloading

You can use one of these options:

  1. Use the app "Downloader" on the Android TV to download the apk and install it
    • Install the app Downloader on Android TV
    • Open the app Downloader
    • Enter the above link
    • Select the version to download
    • Eventually you need to grant installation permissions to the Download app
  2. You can use adb to install it from a PC: adb install -r app.apk
    As prerequisite please enable developer settings on your Android TV. 

Server-App (Fire TV):

You can download it from Amazon Appstore "Notifications for Fire TV". You can also install version 5 (see Android TV), an update in Amazon Appstore is currently not possible as Amazon doesn't support the overlay window. In case you are installing the app for Android TV, please remove the version for Fire TV before.